I am the one writing. An avid traveler with a twist. Lover of exploring new experiences especially less well-known ones that are equally as memorable if not more.

This is an online diary about discovering places, people and joy through my travels or just hanging out in my hometown, Bucharest.

The moment you type , you will discover first and foremost – stories.

Stories about travelling like a local and discovering little-known streets, local restaurants, accommodation and hidden local gems.

All my writing is guided by some principals that I hope will resonate with you:

  • Soul writing – I am not a journalist, I don’t pretend to be a perfect writer, but I put pen to paper from my soul; everything you find here is seen and felt through my eyes;
  • Leisure pursuit – I am most probably just like you – I work but I am very active, so I use my online diary to reveal this hobby of mine. I am not travelling all the time. Even though I’ll post daily, I will be transparent and let you know via “P.S” if I am there at the moment or not;
  • Belief – I believe in simplicity and elegance with a twist. Being an aficionado of design, I will put more focus when describing the destination experiences. You will not find here very popular or really crowded destinations. Even when I talk about well-known cities, I’ll reveal the unknown local tastes to you;
  • Money – There is no price for the soul. Yet, from time to time I will give you hints about the cost of the experiences you find here.

This is not a lifestyle blog, you will not find my whole life exposed here. It is my online diary open for you to discover stories about my travels and experiences.

Be part of my stories!